Families of Eating Disorder Sufferers - FEDS Kirklees is a "Beat Carers' support group which is held in Huddersfield for people over 18 who are carers, family members or friends of a person affected by an Eating Disorder
After serious consideration it is with regret that I have decided to stop running FEDS Kirklees Carers Support Group.
I founded the group on 05 January 2012 and we will have our last meeting on 1st April 2015.
We have regular attenders of around 6 people who have all formed good relationships with the other group attendees and as a result they have each other’s contact numbers and speak/support each other outside the group.
Unfortunately despite my best efforts to raise awareness of the group, we are not getting any new attendees.  I have pretty much run the admin side of the group single handed from day one and now that I work full time, as well as still supervising my now 18 year old daughter for breakfast and evening meals it is too much for me to continue running the group.  
It has been a very worthwhile thing running the group as I know that it has helped several parents/partners whilst dealing with a loved one with an eating disorder, the youngest been aged 9 and the eldest been 44.
FEDS Kirklees have worked alongside CAMHS and Adult Services in Huddersfield trying to improve the links between the two services; especially the transition from CAMHS to Adult Services at aged 18.
FEDS Kirklees have worked closely with Huddersfield University since 2012.  Since September 2013 Huddersfield University very generously provided us with a meeting room and in May 2014 we co-hosted a full day on eating disorders, which was attended by 100+ health care and educational professionals and opened by local MP Barry Sheerman.
I will still continue to do work with Huddersfield University when their mental health nursing students are covering eating disorders as it is very important that the “future health care professionals” have a full understanding of eating disorders and the impact they have on families.
I have met some amazing and inspirational people during my time running FEDS Kirklees and made some fantastic friends.
I would especially like to thank my mum Gillian Holroyd for stepping in at the last minute in March 2012 to train to be a Group Facilitator; without her I would not have been able to run the B-eat Carers support group.   My mum has only ever missed on meeting in July 2014 even when my dad was critically ill in hospital ensuring that there were 2 Group Facilitators at every meeting.
I would also like to thank Ouadia Lewis and Dinah Wylde for also training as Group Facilitators and their help in fundraising and running the group.

FEDS Kirklees