Families of Eating Disorder Sufferers - FEDS Kirklees is a "Beat Carers' support group which is held in Huddersfield for people over 18 who are carers, family members or friends of a person affected by an Eating Disorder

FEDS Kirklees is a local carers’ support group for Families of Eating Disorder Sufferers;  it was set up on 05 January 2012 and it had its first meeting on 22 February 2012 during “Eating Disorder Awareness” week.

The purpose of the group is to provide a place where “Adult Carers” of eating disorders sufferers can meet up and share their own experiences in dealing with an eating disorder.  At the moment we are meeting up every month; the date and place of each meeting is shown on the meetings page

In the future I hope that FEDS Kirklees will do campaigning  “raise awareness” of eating disorders and try to get local schools to deal with eating disorders in Personal Health and Social Education classes .  Knowledge is power and FEDS Kirklees want to empower famines .

Eating disorders have devastating effects on not only the sufferer but also their family.

Anorexia Nervosa is a mental illness and it has the highest suicide rate of all mental illnesses, 1 in 5 anorexics die either as a result of not eating/organ failure or suicide.  The media are far more interested in showing you pictures of skeletal like celebrities and do not addresses the fact the eating disorders are mental illnesses and left untreated people die.

We are very lucky that in Huddersfield we have a dedicated Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and they provide excellent care for the “Eating Disorder Suffer”

However as a parent/carer you are expected to provide 24 hour care for a loved one who is suffering from a life threatening mental illness, with no formal training or advice. You stumble through each day wondering if you made the right decision, if your actions have made your child worse or better.

When you are expecting your child you are given a “Pregnancy & Birth book”; after your child is born, you are given a “Birth to Five book”.

Unfortunately as anyone caring for a child with an eating disorder knows you are not given “An Eating Disorder has possessed your child book”

There are no hard and fast rules with an eating disorder it presents itself in many different ways, some of which are very disturbing and it is heart-breaking to see your perfect child possessed by an unrecognizable demon. What is more disturbing is that people who you have known and respected for years tell you “you should make them eat” really? I would never have thought of that! Or the “put the food in front of them and tell them they can’t leave the table until they have eaten it” another pearl of wisdom.

Unless your family have been affected by an eating disorder you have no idea what it does to your child, your family, your life. Eating disorders turn your whole world upside down and the only people who have any idea of what you are going through on a daily basis are “Families of Eating Disorder Sufferers”

It is for this reason that I have set up this support group for all parents/carers/partners       (aged 18 +)  so that they are able to share their experiences good or bad and help other family members cope or come to terms with their loved ones eating disorder in a safe, supporting caring and confidential environment.

Thank you so very much for your support and remember to stay strong